Wooden furniture collections

When considering new pieces of furniture for your home, consider investing in a collection rather than individual pieces. With numerous distinctive styles and designs available, collections don’t just create uniformed furnishings but can boast a completely distinct atmosphere for a room creating an entirely new environment.

Furniture collections combine comfort, appeal and function leaving you safe in the knowledge that each piece will look right together showcasing your efforts to maximise the use of your own space well and make designs work in combination together.

Whether you are looking to furnish a bedroom, office or living room space, our furniture collections or stockist ranges at Fine Finish Furniture offer a diverse range of wooden styles, finishes and designs making it simple for you to create the environment that you want for your home.

But why select from wood for your furniture collections?

Wood boasts a distinct range of benefits alongside adding warmth and character to a home, it can also provide an investment for many years to come.

Beauty and character

The beauty of wood is that it is a natural material and with that comes properties extremely unique to each type tree the furnishings are cut from. The range of textures, patterns and lines available offer excellent opportunities to bring character into your home with a range of finishes designed to complement the types of wood used.

Take our Rustic Oak collection which has a finish which is designed to improve in appearance over time. As an extremely dense and hard wood the impressive grain and texture makes it perfect for the best pieces of furniture.


Wooden furniture is extremely dense and resilient. Signs of wear over the years can usually be sanded or varnished/waxed away or left as a mark of time. Some people opt to use hardwood for kitchen worktops because of the natural materials strength.

Choose from walnut, beech, oak and even bamboo.


Adding a piece of wooden furniture to a room can completely overhaul a room's look, feel and character offer elegance and charm.

Used throughout many homes whether as complete collections or in combination with steel, plastic or glass materials, wood furniture boasts versatility whether in contemporary or more traditional properties.

You can even get ranges which offer painted types of furniture, take the Lundy collection as an example and the beauty of the material is that it can be changed over time through sanding, staining or painting.

Easily maintained

If you have children in your home, the likelihood is that you will want furniture that is durable and long lasting. The bonus with most types of wood collection is that they require little or no maintenance.

Simply wipe the surfaces of wooden tables, chairs or cabinets with a wood cleaner on a regular basis and consider varnish or wax treatments periodically to give your wood furniture a new lease of life.

The easily maintained aspect is possibly why the material is used both indoors and outdoors due to its excellent resilience in a variety of environments.


At Fine Finish Furniture, we feel that the main attraction with Wood furniture pieces that that when it comes to choosing the right styles, materials and designs for your home there is always a great selection to choose from.

Our carpenters and craftsmen can shape, mould and design styles of your choice or even more innovative creations with a wide variety of woods for you to choose from.

Browse our website or contact Fine Finish Furniture today to discuss your home furnishing requirements.

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