Why go open plan with your kitchen

It is becoming more and more popular to create an open plan kitchen, with people wanting to create more space in their homes. If you are considering an open plan kitchen then here are some reasons why it is a great choice to make.

Appearance and maintenance

One massive advantage to an open plan kitchen is that they are highly attractive and will consistently look modern and innovative, with open space and high ceilings they provide both style and conveniently due to their layout are much easier to clean and keep in order than enclosed kitchens.

Entertaining and communication

In this modern age many of us are troubled over the decline in family communication, with the kids either watching the TV or avidly playing on the computer there is going to be a lack of communication that can be thwarted by an open plan space. The barriers (walls) will be down encouraging family members to interact more and resulting in a greater sense of togetherness in the home.

This is also great for when your entertaining guests for things such as dinner party, allowing you can be involved with your guests while cooking rather than being cooped up in the kitchen while everyone else mingles and chats.


A main advantage to open plan design is that without the walls or partitions in the way all of that lovely natural light from your windows is allowed to enter the home and radiate around it, creating a more positive and optimistic space.

By inviting the natural light in to your home you can even save yourself a bit of money because potentially you will not have to use as much electric lighting to illuminate your kitchen during the day or at times of the day that would have normally produced an inadequate light source with your old layout.

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