Why Choose Contemporary Oak?

Shopping for home furniture can be an overwhelming decision with numerous materials and styles available to choose from – it can also be expensive, which is why conducting your own research on the best materials to fit your purposes are and not making impulse decisions is key to choosing those investment pieces that will last for many years to come.

At Fine Finish Furniture, our Contemporary Oak furniture provides functional pieces which are both stylish and provide classical wooden finishes meaning they are excellent for furnishing any rooms in your home, from your living room right through to your bedroom or study.

Here we take a look at some of the many reasons to choose Contemporary Oak furniture from Fine Finish:

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The natural pattern and grain of oak furniture means that it does not require heavy paint or varnish treatments in order to make it look appealing. This is one of the main attractions for homeowners who often pr efer the look of oak in its natural state.

​With a classic look, this wood combines well with numerous other materials to coordinate with different colour schemes you may choose for your home, particularly useful if it is likely that you will be altering the interior decor of your home while you own such piec es of furniture.

Contemporary Oak will also work well with any age of property to bring a warm feel to a home. You will find with our range of Contemporary Oak that you will be investing in pieces that stand out and continue to look great as they age.

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As a hardwood, our ranges of contemporary oak aren’t easily susceptible to damage by scratches or dents as opposed to softer less durable woods. Having been used in the making of furniture in UK for centuries, time has told just how long lasting this wood can be, making it the perfect choice in homes with families or pets where accidents are more than likely to occur.

The added bonus with our range is that polish or varnish is only required at most twice a year to keep it looking great and to maximise the resilience of your chosen pieces – after all no furniture will last if it isn’t’ taken care of, but with even minimal maintenance it will last longer making it a firm choice.

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Since oak as a material mixes well with various types of furniture and can be found in the form of beds, coffee tables and TV stands this means it can be paired well with numerous other types of furniture made from various other materials making it a lot simpler for homeowners to mix and match – unless you want to furnish your entire home in Contemporary Oak then we have an excellent offer throughout the whole month of August.

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Many people may consider oak furniture to be expensive, but in consideration of its durability and long lasting aspects, it surely works out better for money saving to invest a little more in a great quality piece of furniture that lasts 50 years than a cheaper alternative that only see’s through five years and is thrown out when it has served its purpose.

With our ranges of Contemporary Oak furniture you will find competitive prices for our varied designs with no better time to purchase a piece from this collection thanks to 10% off all of the range throughout August.

To browse our full range of Contemporary oak why not pop into our Nottinghamshire showroom where you will find all of our pieces on display.

For further information about specifications or delivery times and prices, please contact us.

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