Tips for dealing with wear and tear around the home

Tips for dealing with wear and tear around the home

Wear and tear can and will happen in any house, it is inevitable but it needn’t be costly to repair or even replace the offending item. Below we will be suggesting some tips and tricks for dealing with the more generally wear and tear that happens around the home.

Refresh your leather or suede

Acquired some scuff marks on your leather sofa or unfortunately got a stain on your favourite suede shoes, not to worry. Grab yourself a regular eraser, the kind you would use for erasing pencil and give the area a rub to remove. With suede this can also be used to fluff up the fibres.

Sort out those furniture scratches

Be it the leg of your sofa being gnawed on by the dog or the kids scratching your dining room table, there is simple tool to fix those pesky scratches with ease. That tool is a crayon, yes a crayon, select the one with the closest matching shade to finish of the wood and soften by applying heat. Using the softened crayon, colour in the scratches and once finished buff with a cloth.

Repair damaged enamel

No matter how careful you are you’re probably going to end up with a few scratches on anything enamel like your bath tub. Well don’t fret, correction fluid can be used for more than just correcting you’re spelling mistakes it can also be used to sort out the scratch on enamel. All you have to do is clean the area that is scratched, ensure it is dry and then apply the correction fluid.

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