Seven top benefits of Corian worktops

Thursday 5 July

Seven top benefits of Corian worktops

Corian is currently one of our most popular choices for kitchen worktops. It is available in a dazzling array of colours and styles. It is right at home in modern kitchens and equally so with more traditional and country kitchens.

1. Inconspicuous seams – corian can be fitted with no visible joints to give a seamless and sleek appearance, because there are no joints there are no crevices to collect dirt.

2. Super hygienic – due to its non-porous surface, Corian does not support bacterial or fungal growth, making it very hygienic for food preparation.

3. Durable – Corian takes on room temperature and does not absorb liquid, making it very easy material to maintain and look after.

4. Stain resistant – Corian is non-porus, so stains cannot penetrate its surface. Corian does not stain with things like coffee, vinegar and wine.

5. It is versatile – Corian can be moulded to form different shapes.

6. Seamlessly integrates – sinks crafted from Corian can be seamlessly integrated into the work surface to create a uniform appearance.

7. Repairable – In the unlikely event that a Corian worktop is damaged it can be repaired by a professional restoration service and sometimes a housing abrasive and scouring pad can be used.

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