Promoting wellbeing in your Kitchen

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Sunday 6 December

With us all spending so much time in our homes it’s more important than ever to consider our environment and promote wellbeing. Our kitchens are the hub of the home, especially as they are often open plan and multi functional. A busy space that can become cluttered and uninviting, we’ve put together our top tips to keep your kitchen tip top and a stress free place to be.

- Avoid clutter – well-organised open shelving can create the illusion of more space in your kitchen and make your room feel more inviting. Open shelving can make finding kitchen items easier and the space can be used to display items that make the room feel and look great, family photographs, scented candles plants and flowers. Many modern kitchen designs feature open shelving.

- Natural light – if your home is flooded with natural daylight you instantly feel uplifted and energised. . If you’re planning to renovate your home or kitchen consider the size of the windows and where you want to place them to promote wellbeing.

- A place for everything - sort the items that you use on a regular basis and those that you only use occasionally and store them accordingly. Items you use regularly work well at waist height with other items in the more tricky to reach, higher cabinets. You can also invest in storage solutions that help make accessibility easier.

- Zones - think about the zones in your kitchen and place items near the relevant zones for example, cutlery and crockery near the dishwasher, pans near the cooking area.

- Add some greenery – houseplants and/or herb plants provide beautiful natural décor they also purify the air and create a sense of calm for kitchen/living spaces.

- Avoid distractions at meal times – a radio or some music is great in the kitchen but if your space is overrun with gadgets from phones to TV’s, making sure they are all turned off when you eat is a good habit to get into and makes mealtimes a far more relaxed, sociable occasion.

If you have the space create a quite little corner with a comfy chair where you can read a book, have a catch up over Zoom with a friend or possibly partake in a little meditation.

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