Project Focus - Kitchen Larder Cupboard

Wednesday 10 July

Larder cupboards are a fabulous addition to a kitchen and can be incorporated into a relatively small space, where there might not be the room for a traditional walk-in pantry (the dream, right?!). Not just a practical solution, they can also be a stunning design feature for your kitchen.

Open plan living and kitchen spaces are increasingly popular and the pocket door larder is a great solution to create a practical and sleek, uncluttered kitchen. Fantastic space-savers, the door opens like a standard door, but then slides backwards to be concealed inside a pocket either side of the unit, so it doesn’t get in the way when using the kitchen.

Another alternative is a bi-fold door, which can be opened up and folded back against a wall or within the cabinet, depending on the chosen design.

The unit can have either full height doors or can be split so just the top section uses the pocket system - both options work well and it is purely a question of personal preference.

Kitchen Larder Cupboard 1

Full height bi-fold larder with integrated microwave and coffee machine and hidden drawers

Kitchen Larder Cupboard 2

Full height bi-fold cabinet shown closed to give the kitchen a sleek finish

Inside the unit can be fully bespoke. You could create a breakfast station with microwave and coffee machine that can be hidden when not in use. It could be a baking area to a house freeļæ¾standing mixer and bakeware, you may want to display beautiful jars of spaces and other condiments, utilising the space as a more traditional pantry, or you may want a cocktail bar that can be opened up when entertaining with lighting and optics. With options for shelving, drawers, wine racks, integrated worktops, power and lighting, the options are endless.

Kitchen Larder Cupboard 4

Pocket larder doors with accessible drawers below, with space for free standing appliances and bespoke shelving

Kitchen Larder Cupboard 5

Bi-fold dresser with integrated lighting and exposed worktop

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