Kitchen Worktops

Here at Fine Finish Furniture we know for most of us the kitchen is the heart of the home and generally the most well used room.

The kitchen is such a versatile area, whether it’s being used to prepare food for that all important Sunday Roast, baking treats with the kids, being a handy social area for the teenagers or the main hub for those extravagant parties. The worktop is the one that is going to be taking most of the brunt from all of these activities and more, so choosing the right material is imperative to its life span and its aesthetic longevity.

We have a wide range of materials available for worktops and each finish will have its own benefits to offer.

Some examples of the surfaces and their properties are listed below

Laminate finishes are a good choice if looking for an affordable, low maintenance and easily cleanable surface which can be produced in a variety of colours. Laminates can often be used to imitate a more pricey finish such as granite.

Wood finishes are an ideal addition to any style of kitchen but are more high maintenance than most surfaces. They will not react well to heat being placed directly upon it but will last longer than most if maintained.

Granite finishes are one of the most popular finishes for a kitchen worktop and there is reason for this. Although being generally a more expensive choice, the surface is very low maintenance and very durable and just like wood can fit in to any style from traditional to modern. Each granite worktop is also almost completely unique in its markings and colours.

These are only a few finishes available for our kitchen worktops and with such an important decision as a kitchen worktop we would always advise discussing your wants and needs with an experience and trained member of our staff before purchasing.


For more information or to book a consultation appointment please ring us on 0115 984 4121 or use our online enquiry form to contact us.

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