How to Design the Perfect Home Office

Working from home sounds exciting right? It offers an opportunity for comfort and efficiency. With your office being in your home, it needs to be separated away from the home environment and less casual; more like an actual office environment. You need to ask yourself, what will you be doing in this space? Will external clients be visiting this space? And what work will actually need to be done.

The next thing to think about is where your actual office is going to be located in your home. Maybe a spare guestroom or an underutilised area and turn it into an area that will benefit you year round. It is very important that your work stays in this space, being able to find things and being efficient within it. It creates a healthy balance when you’re not working also.

What should you consider when setting up your home office?

Furniture – In every home office your furniture, whether it be your desk, chairs, storage and shelving needs to be spot on and comfortable when you’re meant to be focused on the task hand. Otherwise you may get easily distracted, you could be restless and even procrastinate a lot more all down to the simple fact that you haven’t got the right desk for the room. If you have empty space or space in which you can’t exactly fit a piece of furniture you could easily get a quote on some fitted furniture.

Layout & Organisation – Keeping your work area and desk organised is essential. Something as simple as pencil cups or trays to keep all your writing equipment in one space would keep your mind at rest. Memo and card holders are another good addition to your work environment. Laying out your room beforehand and planning where everything goes will be a massive help. Spacing out your storage space in and around your desk will make you a lot more at ease in the office.

Ergonomics and Anthropometrics – Your own health and safety within the office is one of the biggest and most important factors that you have to look at. Being comfortable and having the perfect posture is key to a successful working day and many brands and companies have implemented more comfy and better postured chairs into their offices recently. Also consider foot rests and soft keyboard pads to keep your wrists relaxed alongside other ergonomic mice shaped to fit your hand.

Your office should be your own personal area created for your own productivity. For more information on fitted furniture or more bespoke furniture please call us on 0115 984 4121 or email us at

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