Common mistakes made when hanging pictures around the home

At some point if you haven’t already, you are going to want to hang a picture somewhere in your home. This might be to show off your great taste in art or just to showcase the family holiday snaps, whatever the reason though you will want to avoid making these common mistakes when doing so.

Don’t be tempted to use adhesive hooks

As tempting as it may be to use those adhesive hooks you can buy that will make your job quicker and easier, though that bit is true with these hooks there is always a risk that your priceless artwork and frame may end up on the ground and get damaged, especially in areas with a high humidity levels.

Use the right hook and cord

So you’ve scrapped the adhesive hooks. Good, but you still need to make sure that you get the right hook and cord to take the weight of the picture. If you are in any doubt, asking your local hardware shop or picture framers for advice is never a bad idea.

Don’t just hang randomly and don’t forget to plan

Hanging your picture(s) so that they are in proportion with a piece of furniture that is in the room will look much better than just randomly hanging it willy-nilly, which can leave a room appearing untidy or cluttered.

Planning is essential, particularly if hanging more than one picture. A handy tip is to get yourself piece of paper larger than the area you are going to hang your pictures and simply move them around on the paper until you are happy with the layout. Once done you can draw around each frame, giving yourself a stencil to work with, tape it to the wall with masking tape and now you know where all of your nails will need to be positioned.

Don’t forget to give them space

When hanging your pictures, give them some space between each other, but not too much space. It’s recommended to give small frames around 1-2 inches and larger ones 2-3 inches of space to breathe and allow eyes to rest upon them comfortably.

Avoid exposing them to sunlight

If you hang a picture that will be getting exposed to a lot of natural light, this can cause it to fade much quicker than normal.

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