Why buy a Second Nature Kitchen from independent retailers like us?

In recent research conducted, price and affordability were very much high on the agenda of what people look for when buying a new kitchen. Many customers move towards the cheap wholesalers in the mistaken belief that they cannot afford to buy from their local independent retailer. Many fear visiting an independent retailer like ourselves will save them the embarrassment of being priced out of their budget. Most customers feel far more at ease visiting the large chain retailers where they can remain anonymous and where pricing information is prominently displayed. It was also very clear that many customers, whilst recognising the limitations of high street retailers, have a very poor understanding of the very real design and service benefits offered by independent kitchen specialists like Fine Finish Furniture.

Both of these issues present us with a very real challenge, particularly during a prolonged recession. We try to do all we can to demonstrate our ability to price compete with the high street retailers and out perform them on design, service and quality. Something that we promise to do at Fine Finish Furniture!

Why not pop into our showroom and speak to one of our expert team about how you can have your dream Second Nature kitchen at a price you can afford!

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